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May 11 2016 | Help Us Help Fort McMurray!

20% of all sales will be donated to the red cross to help out our family and friends in Fort McMurray this Saturday at the James Bay Market! Come and see us between 9AM and 3PM!


May 02 2016 | Come Find Us at James Bay Market!

This Saturday May 03 we will be premiering at James bay market. With 2 flavours to choose from-you can stop by and cool off with a cup of refreshing kombucha while you shop. if you like what you taste pick up a 4-pack of bottles! We hope to see you there this week and throughout the summer!

April 15th 2016 | Announcing: NEW FLAVOUR!

Stop by The Apple Box on Cook Street to taste our brand new flavour-Elderflower Citrus! traditionally used as a combination for fighitng sickness we hope this delicious flavour keeps you safe from the bug going around!

6 thoughts on “Contact / Blog”

  1. HI there,
    I’m Lindsay at Moksha Yoga, now known as The Lab. 🙂 We did have Kombucha on tap, and I know you had been talking to Darci about potentially taking out the tap. I think for now that may be best. As we have JUST run out of kombucha. I am thinking we would benefit from ordering just by the bottle. Would you mind letting me know what my options are. Thanks so much

  2. I tried your beet kombucha at the James Bay market and it was awesome! By far the best I’ve ever tried. Is there anyway I can get some more??

    1. Thanks Emily! None of our retailers are carrying the beet, so we haven’t been making it regularly, but we would be happy to make some for you special order! I will email you with some more details!

  3. I am so happy to have found a home grown supplier for this wonderful beverage. Looking forward to trying all your flavours.

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